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Asset Based Loans

Asset-Based Loans are loans that are based on the assets of your company; traditionally those secured by business accounts (invoices) and by inventory. In addition, in conjunction with asset based loans, term loans can be offered and can be secured by real estate, machinery, equipment, and intangibles. Asset-based lines are typically much larger than factoring facilities with $500,000 usually being the minimum and over $1,000,000 being the norm. Some Asset Based Lending facilities can be over 1 Billion.

Our clients typically include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution and service companies facing one or more of the following situations:
• Acquisition
• Turnarounds
• Rapid growth
• Customer concentrations
• Shareholder buyouts
• High leverage
• Seasonal sales
• Capital expenditure lines
• Debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Short operating histories (emerging businesses)
• Over advances based on proven cash flow

Benefits to clients

GF Capital Group offers Asset-based Lending (ABL) solutions, you can benefit from:
Maximizing your Company’s assets: up to 90% of your Accounts Receivables and up to 65% of your inventory, which enables your Company to make the best use of your resources.
Flexibility: Facilities for Asset Based Lending are from 2-5 year terms and this flexibility assist with your medium and long term planning as well as focus on current assets needs and not past profitability or current ratios. In addition, companies increased flexibility without the restrictive covenants inherent in most conventional lending facilities.
Expediting business growth: Asset Based Lending accelerates your cash flow and enables you to reinvest in your business for sustained business growth.
Professional and Personalized Service:
Our relationship teams are focused on providing customers with ongoing attention, support and service. Our experience team allows for quick reaction and response to you financing needs. In addition, our service commitment allows for reactions and responses to financing needs beyond the initial transaction.
Customized Financing and Confidentially: Our understanding of your business needs allows us to underwrite loans that go beyond the lending criteria of most conventional financial institutions and allows us to facilitate the best credit facility to meet your criteria. We don’t just close transactions; we help our customers develop and grow their businesses. Unlike Factoring, Asset Based Lending protects your confidentiality because your customers generally will not know how you finance your assets.