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Hard Money Loans:

We have Hard Money Loans for your commercial property. Whether your Company is losing money or your credit is poor, we can still assist you in obtaining a hard money lender. Hard Money lenders look primarily to the property as their source of repayment. If the borrower doesn't make his payments to the hard money lender, he will simply foreclose and sell the collateral.

The typical hard money loan is a short term loan, mostly for one year, on average we have three year terms. At GF Capital Group, we win out against our competition based on pricing and time. It is sometimes possible to close a hard money deal in as short as ten days.

If you need a hard money commercial loan of less than $5 million quickly, feel free to to call us at (727) 379-2850, email us at alexgfcapital@gmail.com or fill out our application in the Contact Us tab above. (If you need a larger loan above $5 million, we need additional time for these transactions).